An end-to-end platform
for all your device needs

Skytech Control delivers an automated solution for onboarding
and offboarding of employees with associated equipment.
Completely supplier and operator independent.

Meet the Control platform

We help you
free up time

Wasting time on manual and time consuming tasks has always bothered us. So we made the solution.

Self service for your employees

The Control platform enables you to set up automated policies that supports a self-service on– and offboarding employee process. Implement purchasing policies, incident handling, private usage salary deduction, accounting and more. 

Keep control of your assets

Control is an automated asset management system that provides oversight and tracking of all your hardware. Offering buyout, reuse or securely sell your assets. We offer lifecycle management regardless of if it is financed or owned assets.

Environment in focus

The Control platform offers Green Pool solutions for reuse of mobiles or computer hardware. Our integrated buyback functionality or simply offer your employees “almost” new assets with a click of a mouse.

Global marketplace

We facilitate to offer you a cross-boarder, multiple supplier- and operator-solution, inside one end-to-end platform. Giving you full cost control of both your spending and purchases.

CONTROL with simplicity!

Trusted by our partners

Self service for employees!

CONTROL delivers an automated solution for onboarding and offboarding of employees with associated equipment.

Gives your employees information about cost development, salary deduction and useful information.

Private Purchases
Let your employees decide his own services and data subscription, also with salary deductions and full self service.

Offer your employees the opportunity to buy on your company’s purchase agreements for all desired product categories.

My assets
Gives the employee overview of his assets. Employee can write a damage report or easily fill in a loss report to their manager. Total self service.

My guidelines
The companies Device- and Tele policies, always available for the employee.


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We are rapidly expanding into new markets

We are rapidly expanding into new markets as organization’s strive to cut costs.

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Where to find us