Who we are

Born as a Result of a merger of multiple complimentary companies, including TCM in October 2022.

We have more than 35 employees - and we are growing fast.

Our Offices are located across the Nordics and the UK. We are backed by an experienced and passionate management and tech team, who work in conjunction with supportive board members and professional investors.

What we do

CONTROL is an innovative and proven Software as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for device management.

CONTROL delivers an automated solution for on- and offboarding of employees with associated equipment.

CONTROL is a multi-vendor/ multi-solution platform for the procurement, administration of employee devices, recycling, and remarketing. We are supporting the worlds sustainable development goals.

CONTROL is a Global platform with products, clients, projects, and pipeline consisting of business opportunities and partners cross all of Europe.

Why we do it

CONTROL will secure a sustainable future for your business

"The "As-a-Service" model represents a global mega trend"

The device-as-a-service market alone is expected to grow from USD $50.3 bn in 2021 to USD $303.6 bn by 2026

- IDC Worldwide Channels and Alliances 2022 Predictions


Thomas Bertheau Aaserud

Manager direct sales

Fredrik Larsen

Technical Integration Lead

Jan Henrik Abelvik

Senior System Architect

Atle Aarak

Head of implementation

Leo Magnussen

Advisor direct sales

Tea Jarma-Vartiainen

Partner Manager Finland

Ida Storheim

Content & Digital Marketing Specialist

Lauri Holländer

Managing Director Finland

Thomas Holm

Cloud Architect & Project Lead

Riina Hope

Senior Advisor - Implementation

Morten Krarup

Managing Director Denmark (Interim)

Viacheslav Lapshov

System Administrator

Nicholas von Lütken

Sales Advisor, Direct Sales

Magnus Ottosen

Head of Infrastructure and Applications

Karl Samuelsson

Managing Director Sweden

Morten Solberg

Senior Advisor - Partner sales

Andrea Tidemann

Product & Business Developer

Odd Kjetil Øvestad

Head of Tech and Platform Development

Linus Wahlstrom

Partner and Sales-support Sweden

Nick Wise

Senior Advisor, Partner Sales



We are committed to an independent and transparent approach for the benefit of our customers and partners. We will always put their interests first and continue to grow to sustain their trust. We always act with professionalism and integrity.


We believe in a culturally diverse, comprehensive, and varied work environment. We value and respect each other. We embrace a company culture where everyone is welcome.


We are committed to and work closely with our customers and partners – building a solid network to ensure they benefit from our passion to improve! Skytech Control has developed a unique brand with a full range of products that ensure the implementation of our customers’ goals. 


We strive to achieve the highest levels of performance in everything we do. We deliver the best experience possible to help our customers and partners to achieve their sustainable development goals. 


"By 2025, at least 30% of new business technology spending will be multi-vendor solutions enabled by digital aggregation platforms."

- IDC Worldwide Channels and Alliances 2022 Predictions

Market players are chasing customer ownership

Huge demand for coordinated and automated platform solutions, especially among SMEs and large enterprises.

Perfect match for our CONTROL platform.

Global position

Our CONTROL platform  is perfectly positioned to be a leading enabler for Manufacturers, Distributors, Resellers, Telecom Operators and other channels who are seeking customer ownership.