KPMG uses the CONTROL solution for onboarding and offboarding of the employees with mobile subscriptions and leasing of mobile phones to the employees.

Siri Støren Anonsen, head of the IT Helpdesk, has been responsible for introducing the solution, which has saved the administration and the IT department great deal of unnecessary time which they can use for other more important matters. The fully automated process for all employees has given us full control over the equipment that sometimes disappeared with the employees when they left the company.

Siri Støren Anonsen – Service Manager

We use the CONTROL self-service platform from SKYTECH CONTROL for asset management, automation, and cost control – both direct and indirect expenses – in our Group.

The entire process is automated from the HR system where the new employee receives a welcome email before he starts with us. This handles the import of mobile subscriptions, the purchase of a new mobile phone with salary deduction and asset tracking. This follows the equipment’s life cycle with damage management, possibility for the employee to purchase his mobile phone during offboarding and collection of equipment during offboarding.

This saves us large direct and indirect costs and allows us to focus on our core business.

Kjell Haffalden – Purchasing Director at Avarn Security AS





How to automate all follow-up of employee’s mobile phones, tablets, and ICT equipment?

This is how Telia, OBOS and SKYTECH CONTROL did it. 

Per Erik Hveem – Business Manager Mobile i Telia.

Espen Hytta – Direktør for IT i OBOS

(Link and article from Telia – Norwegian site and text)



Our partner Elkjøp Norge AS have established Elkjøp Control using our SaaS platform in Norway – to get total control. Elkjøp is going into the Elkjøp Nordic AS (part of Currys plc) with our SKYTECH CONTROL white label solutions during May – delivering control internally and to their customers and partners.

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