Boost your productivity with these 4 simple hacks.

January 23, 2024

Tips from the Skytech Control Team: Boost your productivity at work with these simple hacks 

Published: 25.01.24

At Skytech Control we are probably more interested in workplace productivity than the average person. Hence, we have dedicated our work-life to building a platform that automates manual tasks and boosts productivity. But how do we boost our own productivity? Here are some easy hacks from the Skytech Team.  


Ida, Digital and content marketing specialist at Skytech Control
Ida – Digital and Content marketing specialist at Skytech Control

1. 10-minute planning session for productivity  

“Even though I work as a digital marketer in Skytech Control, my love lies in the analogue.” Says Ida, Digital & Content Marketing Specialist in Skytech Control. “That is why before Christmas I bought myself a weekly planner, I always have it in front of me on my desk.” Her tip is to always take 10 minutes every morning to go through what the goal is for the day and then write it down. “I divide my workday into four and write down what task I am to accomplish in each part of the day. I find that if I do this every day instead of planning out my full week, I am more likely to follow through”. When you have an outline of your day it is easier to give each task full attention and minimize those time thieves that often start with “I am just going to have a look at this or that”. 


2. How to conquer those little tasks like a boss 

When talking to Heidi, one of our implementation advisors, it became clear that she is somewhat of a productivity hack-wizard. “I have tons of tips, but the best one, and the one I use daily is to just do it,” she explains. If you come across a simple task, Heidi’s advice is to just complete it, instead of postponing it and end up wasting time on something else. “You’ll see that you will get more done by implementing this little trick.” 


3. Tackle the task that stresses you out the most, first

Stress can at times be overwhelming and set you back, also when it comes to productivity at work. That is why Siv, our customer service advisor, best productivity tip is to tackle the task that you feel is most urgent, first. “The stress of postponing that urgent task can be overwhelming, and that is first of all not a good feeling. And secondly it can prevent you from tackling other tasks during your workday,” Siv says. Take a deep breath and start that tedious task – you will thank yourself for it later.    


Nick - Senior advisor, Partner Sales at Skytech Control
Nick shares his best productivity technique.

4. Tomayto, tomahto, pomodoro 

The last tip is from Nick, Senior advisor in Partner sales. Nick gave me this tip when I was overwhelmed by a project I had and was not able to move forward. “The Pomodoro technique makes even the most daunting tasks seem a little more manageable,” he explained to me. The technique is simply to set a timer for 25 minutes and work on your task without distraction and then you take a short break of 2-5 minutes. “Get up and stretch here, it is good for you,” Nick explained. When you have completed 4 of these cycles you take a longer break of 15-30 minutes. “The technique gives you a manageable focus time and prevent you from getting distracted by other elements during the 25 mintues.” Thanks for the great tip, Nick!  Read more about the Pomodoro technique here.


Remember: Productivity isn’t about doing more; it’s about doing things smarter. If you are interested in how our Control platform can automate manual tasks and boost the productivity in your organization, reach out for a free demo here.