A journey of growth.

October 10, 2023

Looking back at Skytech Control´s first year: A journey of growth.

October 10, 2023, marks our one-year anniversary as Skytech Control. In our everyday operations, we are actively working towards achieving our growth objectives. But as we reach this milestone, it is important to take a moment to reflect on what we have accomplished.


Celebrate the wins of the past year.

Picture of Tore Krogstad CEO of Skytech Control. Tore is talking about the company growth in this article. In October 2022 the merger of four companies including TCM was successfully concluded. The result: Skytech Control AS. The year started with offices in Norway and Sweden, but quickly expanded to Denmark, Finland, and the UK. We have welcomed 13 new colleagues to our team, 6 in Norway and 7 internationally. This growth has enabled us to become a one-stop platform for larger international companies.

We see a growing pipeline of larger companies as both current customers and prospects recognize our ability to deliver services across borders” – Tore Krogstad, CEO

As a company in the start of its scale phase, we use significant resources to ensure the quality of our product. Skytech see the fruits of this work as we are steadily moving towards our goal of number of subscriptions. We have grown from approx. 55 000 platform users to approx. 85 000 – a growth we take pride in. This expansion was made possible by joining forces with Telia and Elkjøp. We highly value these partnerships and look forward to see what we can do together in the Nordic countries moving forward.


Quality and security first.

This summer we successfully obtained the ISO 9001 certification. Trust is one of our core company values, and achieving this certification demonstrates our commitment to earning the trust of our clients, customers, partners, and investors. However, our efforts do not end there. The coming year we are working towards completing the ISO 27001 certification. Data protection is more critical than ever, and with our project lead Ben Hammersley in the UK we are confident we will achieve this milestone quickly.


The growth continues.

In the upcoming year, our primary focus is to further expand our subscription base. By establishing new quality partnerships both cross borders and locally, and by streamlining and automating time-consuming tasks, we believe we will reach our goals.

We aim to ensure the quality of our services and continue to enhance platform’s development even more. Our goal is to always deliver the best possible product and maintain a leading position amongst our competitors,” – Tore Krogstad, CEO

A big thank you to our investors, subscribers, partners, and colleagues for this great first year of Skytech Control and for your continued trust. We are looking forward to what ventures the next year holds for us.


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