Celebrating a significant milestone with our Nordic partner – Elkjøp!

June 2, 2023

Celebrating a significant milestone!

Our SaaS platform, featuring a white label solution for Elkjøp Nordic AS (part of Currys plc), revolutionizes cost control and savings (in average 20-25%), enhances self-service capabilities, and empowers advanced asset management across the Nordic countries. Through our exclusive platform, employees experience unparalleled control with a user-friendly interface. Managers maintain complete oversight, while automated processes for employee on- and off-boarding streamline transitions and eliminate administrative burdens in HR, including cost sharing, salary sacrifice, and tax reporting.

In our strong partnership with Elkjøp, we drive inspiring innovation and shape the future of employee procurement, setting new standards for mutual success.

In SKYTECH CONTROL, we take immense pride in leading the way and empowering businesses to thrive through our innovative SaaS platform.

As we celebrate this significant milestone – going live in all Nordic countries – we are filled with confidence for a bright future ahead, says CEO Tore Krogstad.

External link (Norwegian text) about our collaboration in Norway – now going into the Nordics!