New partnership: Dialect x Skytech Control

February 6, 2024

Dialect and Skytech Control simplify IT Asset Management


Dialect Stockholm City and Skytech Control have entered into a partnership that enables Dialect’s customers to save money and time by using Skytech’s IT Asset Management platform for automated on/off boarding of employees, procurement and management of mobile phones and computers as well as management of mobile subscriptions.


A new national partnership in Sweden

Dialect is a local and national partner for IT and phone solutions for companies of all sizes. Based on the premise of always finding solutions that make it easy for customers to work smart. Dialect translates IT into business benefits that make you as a customer able to focus on what you are best at.

Skytech Control offers an innovative and proven SaaS platform for managing mobile phones, computers and other IT equipment. Control provides an automated solution for on- and off-boarding of employees and their equipment as well as their subscriptions. With a multi-vendor/multi-solution platform for procurement, administration, management and recycling of employees’ IT equipment, Control supports global sustainability goals.

Skytech Control is well-established in the Nordics with customers such as KPMG, Norsk Hydro, Bravida and has over 100,000 subscribers in the system. The company has offices in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and the UK.


Next level

Johan Nordic, CEO Dialect

Johan Nordin, CEO Dialect Stockholm City, comments on the partnership: “Skytech’s IT Asset Management platform is a service that we have lacked in our portfolio and is in high demand from our customers. We are incredibly happy to now be able to offer it to our customers, both new and old. The system will take our service to a new level and will give us an edge over our competitors.”

“We are very happy about the partnership with Dialect, which we are sure will strengthen our strategy to reach all types of companies in Sweden. Dialect has long experience and a strong brand when it comes to handling IT and mobile solutions to multiple Swedish companies of varying sizes. Dialect’s customers will generally be able to save both time and money with Control, which is welcome in these financially tougher times.” says Karl Samuelsson, Managing Director at Skytech Control Sweden

Karl Samuelsson, Managing director Skytech Control Sweden

Tore Krogstad, CEO of Skytech Control, is positive: “We look forward to being able to offer Swedish companies a comprehensive solution for IT Asset Management with Dialect as a partner. This will also provide an opportunity for our Norwegian customers with operations in Sweden to use Dialect’s strong combination of e-commerce and stores. Dialect’s broad network and good brand fit well with our ambition to expand internationally, and we can now offer comprehensive solutions throughout the Nordics and UK”




Contact information:

Johan Nordin,, +46 708 551 575

Karl Samuelsson,, +46 707 588 971

Tore Krogstad,, +47 970 367 95