Skytech Control Seamlessly Integrates with Intility

A huge milestone for Skytech Control has been achieved over this last weekend. We are proud to inform you that we have successfully migrated our entire cloud-based infrastructure over to Intility. This migration to a new scalable and future-oriented operating environment provides security and scalability to IT operations.

A partnership in line with our IT strategy

By partnering up with Intility, Skytech Control has secured an even better platform for all our existing users and any future customers and partners. Karl Otto Aam, Chief Technology Officer at Skytech Control shares his excitement about the successful migration; “We are proud to announce our new partnership with Intility – a leading Nordic player in IT operations! This agreement opens the doors to an extensive network of industry experts working around the clock to monitor, secure and further develop our infrastructure”. 

Intility is deploying Skytech Control’s software on a pre-built infrastructure in Azure, combined with a range of tools from Intility’s own cloud platform. The same service is used by major critical societal organizations such as the Norwegian Central Bank and Eidsiva.  

“This provides Skytech Control with a foundation for faster software development, while strengthening security and stability in delivery.” Says Halstein Bagøien Moe, Director of Sales and business advisory at Intility.  

“Intility’s standards in hardening, monitoring, and disaster recovery, combined with a 24/7 available operations team, ensures the security of Skytech Control’s software on a daily basis. This frees up time and capacity for Skytech Control to create an even better customer experience,” he continues.   


A solid set-up for Cybersecurity is non-negotiable.

Cyberattacks are a reality for every business, and the question is not “if” but “when” your organization will be affected by one. Because of this it was essential for Skytech Control to find a partner that can assist us with continuous proactive monitoring and management of cybersecurity threats. With Intility offering a complete end-to-end platform service trusted by more than 600 companies across 2500 locations, we are certain we chose the right partner. 

Bagøien Moe says Intility have noticed a deterioration in the threat landscape in recent years. 

“This includes an increase in more sophisticated malware and attacks from both criminal organizations and state-sponsored actors. Many IT vendors will pitch individual software solutions to address the problem, but the reality is that only painstaking work with architecture, updates and procedures is what works in the long run”, Says Halstein Bagøien Moe, Director of Sales and business advisory at Intility.    


Karl Otto Aam, CTO at Skytech Control

Scaling the Control platform for growth

With this migration we have also enabled our platform to accommodate our growth plan. When marking our 1-year anniversary back in October 2023, Tore Krogstad, CEO at Skytech Control, shared that we have a growing pipeline of larger companies as both current customers and prospects recognise our ability to deliver services cross border.  

“The collaboration also strengthens our position for further international growth, innovation, and competitiveness in an ever-changing technology landscape. We look forward to an exciting journey together with Intility and to develop and deliver excellent products and solutions to our customers and partners.” – Karl Otto Aam, CTO at Skytech Control  


A big shout out to our team

The successful migration over the weekend could not have done it without the assistance of individuals across several departments within Skytech Control. We want to give a big shout out to the tech team that has worked on this project: Odd Kjetil Øvestad, Magnus Ottosen, Jan Henrik Abelvik, Fredrik Larsen, Thomas Holm, and Karl Otto Aam. The tech team was also assisted by parts of our operations team; a huge thank you to Siv Grimsrud, Elisabeth Wasserfall, and Henriette Støen for taking time out of their weekend. Our product department was a part of the war-room to secure that every aspect of the product was tested and ready for Monday morning: A round of applause for Andrea Tidemann and Petter Tveter-Nemeth. And finally, a thank you to our territory testers from beyond the Norwegian borders: Morten Krarup, Ben Hammersley, Karl Samuelsson, and Lauri Holländer.  

Here’s to the Control platform 2.0. We are excited to see where this partnership will take Skytech Control next.  

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