Championing Sustainable Development Goal number 12

Back in 2015, all the UN member states adopted 17 Sustainable development goals to secure a better future. Goal number 12 focuses on sustainable consumption and production and emphasizing the importance of minimizing waste generation and overconsumption. At Skytech Control we want to help businesses support the UN’s SDGs. Here is how we do it.  

At the forefront of sustainability

Businesses that prioritize the UN’s SDG 12 position themselves at the forefront of sustainability. In this article from Grönt Samhällsbyggande 7 out of 10 Swedish companies reported that they had no processes for used IT equipment. By adopting sustainable practices and processes for their used equipment, companies can drive value both for the environment and themselves. Focusing on green practices can enhance their brand value, attract investment, and ultimately contribute to a resilient and sustainable global economy.  


Three pillars of SDG 12 at Skytech Control

SDG 12 is divided into three parts of how we, as a company, see our consumption and production. How we govern it, how it impacts the environment and how it plays out socially. By providing tools to optimize resource management, track asset lifecycle, and prevent unnecessary IT overconsumption, Skytech Control helps companies support SDG 12 in all three areas.  


  1. Environmental Impact

Skytech Control’s asset management optimizes resource utilization and reduces electronic waste by extending the lifespan of companies IT equipment. This combined with our Green Solutions that promotes the reuse of IT resources, reduces the need for new acquisitions and minimizes waste.  

You can read more about Green Solutions here. 


  1. Social Responsibility

By using Skytech Control’s platform you ensure effective resource management and process automation. The result is saved time for employees, allowing them more time to focus on core business activities. Because Control is a self-service platform it provides employees with increased autonomy and control over their own IT equipment. This is promoting a more flexible work culture. Skytech Control is completely supplier and operator independent. This gives businesses the flexibility they need in the market.  


  1. Governance of Resources

Skytech Control integrates seamlessly with the company’s existing infrastructure and ensures secure data transfer and accurate reporting. This can strengthen the company’s management practices and decision-making processes. The Control platform gives companies a clear overview of all IT equipment, which helps maintain good corporate governance and ensures compliance with regulations and guidelines.  


Through centralized management and efficient allocation of IT resources, companies can reduce waste, lower energy consumption, and contribute to sustainable consumption and production practices outlined in SDG 12. For a broader understanding of how Skytech Control can transform your business’s approach to sustainability, please contact us for a full demo of the platform here. 

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