Sustainability with Skytech Control

February 14, 2024

Three Ways to Breathe New Life into Your Company’s used IT equipment with Skytech Control 

Published: 01.02.24

Every year, over 50 milIon tons of electronic waste are produced globally, and only 17% of this is recycled. We bet that your company’s IT department has drawers filled with perfectly fine, used tech gadgets. And you’re not alone. Many businesses face challenges when it comes to managing and dealing with the equipment left behind by departing employees. As a consequence, there is often an accumulation of neglected devices, that serve no purpose other than collecting dust and eventually turns into electronic waste. This not only has negative financial implications for your business, but it’s also bad for the environment.  

Green Pool: Create an Online Store for Used Equipment

One effective way to extend the lifespan of your used equipment is by creating an online store where new employees can choose from these items free of charge. By implementing a green pool system, you provide an opportunity for these devices to be reused instead of being left untouched in drawers. 

This approach benefits both the employee and the company. Employees receive access to functional technology without having to pay a deductible, while the company saves money by avoiding unnecessary equipment purchases. Additionally, reusing devices reduces electronic waste and minimizes the environmental impact associated with manufacturing new gadgets. 

Trade-In: Partner with Skytech Control

Skytech Control offers an innovative Trade-In solution that allows your company to sell its used equipment to a trusted vendor specializing in repurposing technology. This approach ensures that your devices find new homes either as parts or in their current state. 

When partnering with Skytech Control, they handle all aspects of trade-in transactions, including content deletion and providing deletion certificates. This guarantees that no sensitive information is lost during the process, giving you peace of mind regarding data security. 

By adopting a trade-in program, your company not only benefits financially but also contributes to reducing electronic waste. The devices that would otherwise be discarded or forgotten find new life, minimizing the need for additional manufacturing and conserving valuable resources.

Internal Sales: Empower Employees to Purchase Used Equipment

Allowing employees to buy out equipment for private use is another effective way to give unused tech gadgets a second chance. Whether it’s for personal use or their children’s educational needs, enabling employees to purchase used technology provides economic benefits for the company while promoting environmental sustainability. 

The Control platform offers a convenient solution for calculating the price of equipment based on tax rules and device age. This ensures a fair and transparent process, making it easy for both employees and the company to navigate internal sales effectively. 

Transforming your company’s unused tech gadgets into valuable assets doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. With our Control platform you have all the tools you need. It’s essential to prioritize sustainability initiatives in our companies. These efforts not only benefit our bottom line but also make a significant impact on reducing electronic waste and promoting environmental stewardship. 

If you want to learn more about how Skytech Control can help you improve the process around used IT equipment, book a free demo here.